Mürüvvet Durak, Painting Exhibition

November 16 - 27, 2015


Mürüvvet Durak

Mürüvvet Durak is among successful young artists of our day. She was born in Isparta in 1981. She studied Painting in Isparta Anatolian Fine Arts High School until 1999 and obtained her undergraduate degree in painting in Pamukkale University in 2004. She is actively involved in art for nearly two decades. She has carried out ethnic research in various parts of Anatolia which shaped two concepts in her work: Symbols and Amulets. Mürüvvet Durak’s work may be considered an original and balanced synthesis of eastern and western motifs welded in a creative vision and imagination.

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Ali Koçak, Painting Exhibition

November 03 - 14, 2015


Ali Koçak

Born in Tokat in 1954, Ali Koçak completed his primary and secondary education in Sivas. He studied in State School of Applied Fine Arts for three years before dropping out in 1976 and his art activities entering a hiatus. However, his passion for painting lost nothing of its vigor. He worked in the workshop of his elder brother Kasım Koçak for four years and later started to paint on his own starting from 1988. His works are an attempt to express his internal fantasies and dreams within an emotional context and in a figurative language, drawing from his past experiences.

The artist continues to work in his own workshop in Kızılağaç, a village close to Bodrum. So far he exhibited his works in a total of 25 solo and 15 group exhibitions. Koçak’s artworks also appear in numerous private collections both nationwide and around the globe including Germany, USA, France, Austria, Finland and England.

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Şaban Tuncer, Painting Exhibition

October 08 - 30, 2015


Şaban Tuncer

Born in 1953 in Niğde, Şaban Tuncer completed his primary and secondary education in Niğde. He studied Art Teaching in Ankara Gazi Institute of Education. He started to work in Hasan Varol Middle School in Malatya. He later worked in Niğde Cumhuriyet Middle School, Niğde Institute of Education, Niğde College of Education and Niğde Fine Arts Department of Niğde University Faculty of Education.

Şaban Tuncer obtained his undergraduate degree in Art Teaching from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Education in 1987. He later obtained his master’s degree in Art History Department of Niğde Institute of Social Sciences. In 2003, he retired from Fine Arts Department of Niğde University Faculty of Education where he served last.

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Olga Keleş, Painting Exhibition

September 07 - October 02, 2015


Nihal Güres

August 11 - September 04, 2015


Nihal Güres

Nihal Güres graduated with a first degree in Classical Languages and Philology Department of Istanbul University. Her early beginnings lie in her works with Sabri Berkel, a major Turkish painter. Güres created contemporary artworks with Berkel and carried out elaborate research on the Turkish art of miniature. She was both friends and collaborated as artist with Semiha Berksoy and joined Remzi Köklü in his paper crafts workshop. Her works are described lyrical-expressionist by Aydın Sofu. Güres produced sculpture as well, working in various national and international workshops and with works that appeared in many successful events and exhibitions. She opened her first solo exhibition in 1993 with the support and guidance of her master Sabri Berkel. So far, her works were showcased in more than 20 solo shows and hundreds of group exhibitions. Güres also has a short story book “Story of Mixed Technique on Paper” and art writing published in numerous periodicals and newspapers. Nihal Güres received a great many awards of achievement and acknowledgment from numerous exhibitions. She continues to work on exhibitions and other organizations both in Türkiye and abroad.

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